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Voto Latino Innovators Challenge: Applications Accepted Through October 15

Voto Latino DML Competition

Latinos like technology. Let’s put it to work.

Latinos use digital media more than any other ethnic group. But few Latinos are translating their tech savvy into tech work. In fact, only 7% of technology workers are Hispanic. That’s partly because Latinos don’t associate their awesome online skills with the possibility of a career in tech. At Voto Latino, we believe Latinos can use their tech savviness to open doors to amazing careers in Science, Engineering, Technology and Math (STEM).

The VL Innovators Challenge was created to get Millennials, especially Latino Millennials, thinking about technology both as an innovative change agent and as a potential career.

That’s why it’s great if you bring super tech skills to the Challenge, and also OK if you don’t. The most important part of the Challenge is your big idea. If you can think of a way tech could be used to make life better for Latinos, we can help you find the tech partners – and some of the tech training – you will need to carry out your vision.

In fact, Challenge winners will spend two days on the googlecampus in California where they will be paired with members of Google’s Marketing, Creative Labs, and Android teams, among others. Besides the chance to get an inside look at one of today’s leading tech giants, this opportunity will allow winners to showcase their talent to the best in the business and get the valuable insight needed to carry out their projects and impact their community.

So think big. We look forward to seeing what you’ve got!

Our partners

The VL Innovators Challenge is spearheaded by Voto Latino, a national nonprofit dedicated to empowering Latino Millennials to create positive change in their communities, with support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation through a grant to the University of California. The grant is administered by HASTAC.

The VL Innovators Challenge supports Connected Learning, a new approach to learning that is designed for the digital age.

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