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HASTAC Scholars’ Pedagogy Project

HASTAC Pedagogy Project

HASTAC has just published its Pedagogy Project, which started about a year ago when several professors asked for specific suggestions on digital or collaborative projects they could do with their students. Fiona Barnett then asked the HASTAC Scholars to provide specific assignments, in-class exercises and other projects. The response was awesome — over 80 specific and proven suggestions to shake up your syllabus!

The Pedagogy Project is organized into nine sections, with numerous examples of projects, assignments and concepts in each area. Many of the projects overlap into different sections, so take some time to explore each of them!

How to use the Pedagogy Project:

  • Are you currently planning a syllabus? Take a look at the examples of individual and group projects to shake up your assignments and student participation!
  • Are you currently teaching? Take a look at the in-class exercises and methods of assessment. Many can be implemented throughout the semester even if your syllabus has already been finalized.
  • Do you want to submit your OWN example to be included in the Pedagogy Project? Fantastic — read more on this page on how to submit!
  • Comment! Did you try one of these suggestions? Have questions? The scholars would LOVE to hear about how it went — comment on the original blog with the results and your own experience will help others in the future.
  • Please share the Pedagogy Project! Post to your listservs, university pedagogy resources, or other networks. Let’s make these examples inspire your own pedagogical practice.

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