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If Academe is Part of the Problem of Inequality and Oligarchy, What’s Our Solution?

Here’s a link my morning blog, in our Futures Initiative group:  “If Academe is Part of the Problem, What’s Our Solution?” This begins with a new study that shows how higher education exacerbates the inequality that, as academics, we are so good at pointing out in society at large.  Then it says “let’s […]

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Literacy: Assessable or Inconclusive?

I just finished teaching a literacy course, called “Intensive Reading.” I think of this class like an intensive yoga workshop that focuses on building our practices slowly but effectively. The students in this course have been placed in my class because they have not met CUNY’s reading and writing proficiency exams—the City’s entrance and also […]

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Anatomy’s Assessment of Assessment

Last Tuesday’s in-class discussion of assessment strategies really got my juices flowing. How was I going to get my 35 Anatomy students to participate in this first topic of “Mapping The Future…”? How to present it? What to present? Where to start? Well, I thought that perhaps my students might be just as uninformed as […]

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What We Did: Feb 17 (Third Class; Assessment, Part 1)

Week 3 — Group 1: Assessment Co-authors for this post: Janey Flanagan (BMCC) Urban Ed, eLearning Maria Greene (BMCC) Urban Ed, Chemistry Irene Morrison-Moncure (Hunter) Classics Week three marked the first peer-driven class session, with Janey Flanagan, Maria Greene, and Irene Morrison-Moncure tackling the complex topic of assessment. The session included nuanced discussions of formative vs. […]

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Getting the most out of CBOX: Where and how to post content

CBOX offers many options on where to post content—but sometimes having so many possibilities can be overwhelming. With that in mind, I’ve outlined a few places you might want to post, with some details about each. I’ll discuss posting to the main blog, the graduate class’s group/forum, your undergraduate class’s group/forum, and your undergraduate class’s site. The […]

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Bowling Alone? Learning Alone? We Can Do Better

In his classic study Bowling Alone (2000), Robert Putnam argues that we have lost our connection to friends, family, neighbors, and our democratic structures.  He warns that our “social capital” has plummted, leaving us emotionally and socially impoverished.  We’re working harder, going to more meetings, but spending less time iwth friends, neighbors, and others.  His […]

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Think, Pair, Share on Friday the 13th!

I have to admit that I was a bit reticent about trying a Think, Pair, Share exercise on a Friday morning Speech Anatomy class, but I think that it turned out to be quite a success. Index cards were handed out to 35 students and three questions were posed: (90 seconds to answer!) Was there […]

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