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The Single Best Method For Class (Or Any Kind of) Participation (Thx SciFi Genius Samuel Delany)

Whenever the great science fiction writer Samuel R. Delany teaches or gives a talk, he asks questions and has one requirement:  everyone has to raise a hand.  Everyone.  Whether one knows the answer, doesn’t know, or doesn’t understand the question, he insists that every hand go up and he calls someone at random.  They can […]

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Embedding a Librarian for Mapping the Futures of Higher Education

Mapping the Futures of Higher Education has an embedded librarian for its first course. This direct relationship with the Graduate Center library ensures that students in the course will have direct access to library resources. Although all graduate students at the GC do indeed have direct access, an embedded librarian provides a ensured direct link […]

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Five Ways to Be Part of “Mapping the Futures of Higher Ed” #FuturesEd

“Mapping the Futures of Higher Education” is a series of courses at the Graduate Center and throughout the CUNY system.  It is also a collaborative, peer-driven movement to rethink the best ways of learning for higher education–and YOU are invited to participate.  Here’s how: Sign up for the Futures Initiative Group on and you […]

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What Is Learning? 12 Principles of Peer-Led, Connected, Interactive Education

By Cathy Davidson Cross-posted to the Futures Initiative HASTAC Group. Here are a baker’s dozen of the main principles of connected learning. As you will see, they form an “ecosystem,” where each component influences and changes the others. These apply in any field (although differently in each field). These principles draw from constructivist, engaged “public […]

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The Big “Why”? 4 Top Reasons Higher Ed is More Important Than Ever AND Needs to Change!

By Cathy Davidson Cross-posted to the Futures Initiative HASTAC Group. As we begin to assemble the documents, materials, models, and course materials for “Mapping the Futures of Higher Education,”  the first course offered by the Futures Initiative, I will keep posting some of our central documents.  We will be hosting several livestreamed open sessions devoted […]

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An Open Letter to Grad Students/Teachers/Co-Learners: #FuturesEd

Dear Graduate Students, Teachers, Co-Learners, Welcome!  I can’t wait to meet you. If you are taking “Mapping the Futures of Higher Education,” you are someone I am very excited to meet–someone willing to take risks that come with enormous rewards, someone with expansive curiosity,  someone excited to work with people from other fields because you […]

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APPLY NOW: Spring 2015 – “Mapping the Futures of Higher Education”

  “Mapping the Futures of Higher Education” (IDS 70200) Cross-listed ANTH 80600; ART 80010; CL 80100; CRITICAL SOCIAL/PERSONALITY PSYCHOLOGY; EARTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES; ENVIRONMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY; ENGL 89010, URBAN EDUCATION Spring 2015 Tuesday 4:15-6:15 Professors Cathy Davidson and William Kelly The course is designed for second, third, or fourth year graduate students who are teaching during […]

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