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Introduction to GIS Workshops Fall 2015

Every semester I offer a day-long crash course that covers the basics of geographic information systems. You’ll learn the fundamental concepts of layering, joining data to map layers, coordinate systems, and geoprocessing, and you’ll work through examples of doing neighborhood-level site selection and creating thematic maps (like the one in the image below). I use […]

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Mapping BMCC E-Learning: It goes where you go

For my mapping project this semester I thought it would be very useful to find out where Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC), City University of New York (CUNY), e-learning students actually live.  Are they in the five boroughs of New York City or do they actually live throughout the state and the country?  Only […]

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Syllabus–Experimental Pedagogy: Process, Growth, Mindfulness towards Autonomy (applicable for all levels)– this course is not currently offered

Course: Process, Growth, Mindfulness to Autonomy (applicable for all levels) Instructor: Esther Michelle Gabay                                       Email: or Office hours: Mon 1:30-3:00 & Thurs 1:30-3:00 in C327 Mailbox location: C309  Required Texts                                                                                     Course Description Freshman Composition II is an introductory course designed to strengthen and arm you, the students, with academic […]

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LehmAnatomy & Physiology Class Map

Hello All, Here are some screen shots of our first class map for Anatomy & Physiology of the Speech Mechanism at Lehman College! And yes, we now affectionately refer to ourselves as LehmAnatomy & Physiology. Just about every student has been put on the map. As you can see, we cover quite a geographical area, […]

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Hunter College Intro to Theatre Map: Theatre Across New York City

Students in Hunter College’s Intro to Theatre course were assigned to see a performance of their choice and write a reflection on their experience. This map (still in progress) links the individual reflections of each student and the location of each theatre where they attended the performance. You can read reviews of everything from student productions […]

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Persistence and Success: What I’d love to see more of

As our Mappings class has been focusing on “Professors & Persistence,” I’ve found myself hyper alert to the academic and life obstacles orbiting around our students and interfering with their success in college. Evan Misshula, alongside Natalie Oshukany and Rachel Oppenheimer, caught the class’ attention with some staggering statistics about CUNY students. 47% come from […]

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How It All Works: Breaking Down the Structure and Purpose of “Mapping the Futures of Higher Education”

We are often asked to carefully break down exactly how the “Mapping the Futures of Higher Education” course  is  structured.  It seems more complex than it is but since, to our knowledge, no one has done anything like this before, it is worth tracing out each of the parts for this exercise in innovative peer-learning […]

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Happy I Had a Rubric

When our Mapping the Futures class focused on Assessment, group one asked us to implement or create a rubric for our classes. My initial reaction was not positive–I’ve used rubrics before and have found the short language neglects many of the complex dimensions I want to address. In my mind, I could only provide the […]

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